Who We Are

Established since September 2019, Naturepals is here to answer the problem of Indonesian people’s food consumption which does not pay attention to the value of health and its impact on the environment. Naturepals aims to build a healthier community and a more vibrant environment through “real food”.

Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

Fully organic

To make a healthy food revolution, the quality of raw materials is one of the keys. We are committed that the Naturepals reach you use organic ingredients and arwe not mixed with harmful chemicals.

Made from freshness

Freshness and cleanliness is our pride. We always make sure the ingredients and methods  we use are always fresh and clean to be able to provide a surprising experience to our customers.

Selected by our own hands

Even though it’s fresh and organic, we still sort the ingredients with the best quality. The quality of food is not only judged by its nutritional content, but also the quality in terms of shape, color, and taste, all of these aspects must meet standards. Even for some ingredients, we pick the directly from our own garden. 

Our Mission

Making a real impact with real food

There have been many studies that state a poor diet will cause chronic diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. Naturepals is committed to making healthy, tasty, accessible and environmentally friendly food to create a healthier community.


We know that climate change has become a scourge that is greatly feared by our future generations, therefore we are committed to implementing, educating, and persuading to protect the environment no matter how small it is. because every big step always starts with small steps.